Sunday, August 01, 2010


In this also there are so many versions and measurements. But I am following this measurement only for the past 25 years and I simply love this! I never prefer any other version. This sambar podi and the samabr using this powder has yearned me so many appreciations among my friends, viewers and relatives!



Red chillies [ long and fully red one]- a handful
Coriander seeds-2 tbsp
Bengal gram- 1 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds- 1 tsp
Mustard seeds- half sp
Cumin seeds- a pinch
Black gram-half sp


Dry roast all the ingredients on slow fire until an aroma floats on air.
There is no necessity to fry these in oil or to golden brown.
If possible, after frying these, keep them under the heat of the sun for a day to get better results.
Then powder them finely.


  1. lovely.. looks nice ,authentic n spicy.. have never tried making podi at home.. will try it.
    thanx a lot 4 sharing :)

  2. i add some coconut also..try this version too

  3. engamma ithoda velakkennai pisari tharuvanga, but this one looks great, will try next time, thanks madam

  4. Was the author very convincing, or did he miss a few points? Care to share?
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    I write like mad, every day, and no one visits my blog, that looks similar to yours. What could I be doing wrong?
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