Tuesday, April 21, 2015

அவல் பாயசம்!!!


Serving this delicious dessert [payasam] prepared with rice flakes is a nice way to treat your guests graciously at the end of a fantastic meal! This payasam can be prepared with red rice flakes also!


 Aval – half cup

 Sago [javvarisi]- 2 tbsp

 Raw rice- 1 tbsp

 Ghee- 3 tbsp

 Cardamom powder- half sp

 Sugar- 1 ½ cups

 Warm Milk-1 litre

 Cashew nuts-8

 Poppy seeds [optional] - 1 tsp

 Raisins- 1 tbsp

 Cashew nuts for frying-2 tbsp


 Heat a pan and pour 1 tbsp of ghee.

 Add the aval, sago and the rice and fry them on slow fire until they become slightly golden brown.

 When cooled, powder them coarsely.

 Soak this powder in the slightly warm milk mixing thoroughly without any lumps.

 Let it stand for 15 minutes.

 By this time the powder will be absorbed in the milk.

 Mix well and pour it in a vessel.

 The mixture must be watery.

 If the mixture is too thickened, some more milk must be added.

 Boil it on slow fire.

 It will be cooked immediately.

 Grind the cashew nuts and poppy seeds with some milk to a fine paste.

 Add this to the boiling milk and mix well.

 Finally add the sugar and the cardamom powder.

 Boil for some minutes.

 Finally add the fried cashew nuts and the raisins with the ghee.