Sunday, December 02, 2012


Usually I prefer carrots most for fresh salads! Sometimes I add carrots to Sambar to enhance its taste. But making Halwa with Carrot in a grand feast is a fine idea to attract the guests at your side! Unlike the manual version, this microwave Carrot Halwa needs only a few minutes to cook and serve! Adding milk powder instead of milk is the secret for its delicious taste!! I have learnt this from my close friend years back and am following only this procedure to make a quick carrot halwa since then!!

காரட் அல்வா [ மைக்ரோவேவ் முறையில்]


Shredded carrot- 2 cups

Ghee= 1 tbsp

Full cream milk powder- 3 tbsp

Sugar- 5 tbsp

Cardamom powder- ½ tsp


Pour the ghee in a microwave bowl and add the carrot.

Mix well and cook in HIGH for 2 minutes.

Mix well and again cook in HIGH for 2 minutes.

Then add all the ingredients and mix well.

Cook again for 2 minutes mixing in intervals.

The delicious Microwave Carrot Halwa is ready to serve within 6 minutes!!!