Tuesday, November 19, 2013


There are so many rasam varieties we can see in South India.  Pepper rasam, Lime rasam, kottu rasam, mint rasam, Mysore rasam, Tomato rasam and Dal rasam are quite popular in Tamilnadu, even though their  tastes and recipes  vary from district to district. There are even different rasam varieties like onion rasam, marunthu rasam [ with  Naattu marunthukal like thippili, Sitharaththai, black cummin seeds etc], Pineapple rasam, chicken rasam, Mutton rasam etc.This Radish rasam will be very delicious to drink and taste with hot rice. This is a nutritious rasam also!  I hope you will enjoy it!!

முள்ளங்கி ரசம்! 

young radish-2
Cooked dal- 1/4 cup
mashed tomatoes- 1 cup
Finely chopped sambar onions- half cup
 Shredded ginger- half sp
slit green chillies-3
Small garlic flakes-10
A few curry leaves
Chopped coriander- half cup
asafoetida- a pea size
small lime-1
fenugreek seeds- half sp
 Cummin seeds- half sp
Turmeric powder- half sp
ghee- 1 tsp
gingelly oil- 1 tbsp 


Heat a pan and pour the ghee and the oil.
when they become hot add the fenugreek and the cummin seeds.
when they splutter, add the onions and fry them well.
Then add the tomatoes, ginger, garlic, greens and the green chillies with the turmeric powder and fry them well until they are cooked and become soft.
Now add the cooked dal with 3 to 4 cups of water and enough salt.
When the dal water starts simmering, add the sliced radish pieces.
when the radish slices are cooked well, put off the fire.
Pour the lime juice and mix well.
The delicious radish rasam is ready to serve!!