Tuesday, April 17, 2012

சோள இட்லி

My close relative gave me this recipe. Even that time, I have not expected that I will make such a soft idli with jowar. I was amazed at the result. It is as soft as the usual idlies we make with the boiled rice. Any kara chutney would make a nice accompaniment for these idlies.  



Jowar - 1 cups
Par boiled rice ( idli rice) - 1 cups
Urad dhal - 1 cup
Enough Salt


 Mix jowar, rice & urad & wash well.
 Soak in enough water for 8 to 10 hours.
Jowar needs at least 10 hours to soak while rice and urad dal only need 4 hours to soak.
 Grind to a fine batter adding enough water.
 Add salt, mix well and ferment the batter for 10 hrs .
Now you have a nice batter for steaming idlies!
 We can prepare tasty dosas with this batter.
Once the batter is spread on hot tawa, pour just a few drops of oil over it, cover & cook.
 Turn over & cook for just a few seconds.
 Serve with sambar or any chilli chutney. 


When grinding the jowar, it takes a little more time to get a fine batter.
So it is a nice idea to grind the soaked jowar in a mixi and then add at the last stage of grinding the rice and urad dal.