Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There are so many varieties in making aappams. Appams can be prepared either with Boiled rice or raw rice. For fermenting the aappam batter, peopel use coconut water, yeast, and soda bicarbonate. Some people prepare kanji with a handful of semolina and add to the batter when it is cooled. Some people grind the batter, remove it and wash the grinder with a little water. They prepare kanji with this washed water and add to the aappam batter when it is cooled. In this way, the aappam will be very soft the next day. Coconut paste is also the best fermenting agent for soft aappams. This aappam recipe belongs to my mother as well as my mother- in- law. This is a very simple preparation but it is very tasty and very soft.
For accompaniment, my mother always prepares coconut milk flavoured with cardamom powder and sugar. My mother in law prepares coocnut milk and jaggery syrup seperately. I always prepare this coocnut milk with the jaggery syrup for the first day and for the second day I prepare either chciken kurma  or vadai curry.

புழுங்கலரிசி ஆப்பம்


Boiled rice- 4 cups
black gram- a handful
fenugreek seeds- 1 sp
curd- half cup
cooked rice- 1 cup
soda bi carbonate- 1/4 sp
salt to taste


Soak the boiled rice and the black gram with the fenugreek seeds seperately.
Grind the black gram first to a fluffy texture.
Remove it and then grind the boiled rice to a fine batter.
At the last stage add the curd and the cooked rice and grind nicely.
It will be good if the cooked rice is one day old.
Add enough salt, mix well and allow the batter to ferment for at least 8 hours.
Before cooking, mix in the soda bi carbonate well and leave it for 30 minutes.
Then heat the aappam pan, pour a small cup of batter and spread it thinly at the corners and thick at the center.
Cover with a lid.
The fire should be medium.
when cooked , take away the aappam.
The dlicious spongy aappam is ready now! 

Friday, June 03, 2011


This is a very different and tasty curry and suitable as a side dish for any get together or a family party. I am often preparing this in my home. This babana 65 goes well with Sambar, Mor kuzhambu and Kuruma. Even with Nendhiran vazhaikkai, this tastes deliciously.

வாழைக்காய் 65


Medium sized raw banana-6
Finely sliced onion-2
Finely chopped medium sized tomato-2
Small garlic flakes -2 tbsp
Curry leaves- a few
Chopped coriander- 2 tbsp
Chilli powder- 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder- half sp
Enough oil to fry and cook

Powder these ingredients finely:

Fennel seeds- 1 tsp, cloves-1, cinnamon- 1 small piece, cardamom-1, cumin seeds- a pinch, peppercorns-5


Cut the bananas in to ½ inch pieces and fry them in hot oil little by little until they are cooked.
They should be in white colour even after they are cooked and browning will spoil the taste.
Keep them on a paper kitchen towel.
Heat a pan and pour 3 tbsp of oil.
Add the sliced onion and cook them to golden brown.
Then add the tomato along with the garlic flakes, curry leaves and turmeric powder.
Cook the tomato until they are mashed well and the oil floats on the surface.
Add the coriander and fry for a minute.
Add the cooked banana pieces with the chilli powder and salt.
Cook the raw banana for a few minutes mixing well in intervals.
Sprinkle the ground powder, mix well and cook for a few minutes.
The delicious Raw banana 65 is ready now!