Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Varieties of murukku are there to try and eat always. All are savouries prepared with rice flour, gram dal flour, gram flour, maidha, green gram flour etc. This kolusa murukku or achu murukku is a sweetish type. Normally this is prepared with eggs. There are so many moulds available in the shops to try. This also can be prepared with plain flour. But it will taste heavenly with rice flour. Some people will not like much sugar. So sugar must be added according to the taste.

கொலுசா முறுக்கு: 
Raw rice- 250 gm
sugar- 5 tbsp [powdered]
Coconut- half
Salt- a pinch
Enough oil to fry
Soak the rice in lots of water for an hour.
Then drain the water completely and allow the rice to shed off extra wetness by spreading it on a clean cloth and keep it thus in a shadowy place for half an hour.
Then powder it finely in a mixi and sieve it twice.
Shred the coconut and extract its thick milk.
In a bowl add the flour with beaten eggs, sugar, coconut milk and salt.
Mix well and sufficient water can be added also to make the batter.
The consistency should be like dosa batter.
Heat a pan which must be broad and has a short height. [1 ½ inches]
Pour enough oil.
The fire should be medium high.
Put the kolusa murukku mould in the oil.
It should be heated along with the oil.
Only the mould should be heated and the handle must not touch the oil.
When the oil becomes hot, take away the mould and immerse it in the batter.
The mould should not be immersed fully.
It should be immersed with half of its height.
Immediately dip it again in the oil and then shake the mould slowly.
The murukku will be released from the mould and begin to cook in the oil.
Turn on the other side when it becomes golden brown.
When both sides are cooked to golden brown, take it off.
The delious kolusa murukku is ready now!! 

it will be easy if you have two moulds. When a mould is dipped with coated batter in hot oil, after releasing the murukku, it needs to be heated again for a few seconds to immerse again in the batter. If you have a spare mould, you can use it simultaneously.