Tuesday, May 19, 2015

கை முறுக்கு!

This is one of the most famous and special snack of Tamilnadu. Usually this kaimurukku is prepared with raw rice in most of the homes. But we can get kaimurukku from shops which are prepared in par boiled rice. This one is prepared with par boiled rice [Idli rice.] My sister is making this kaimurukku skillfully and beautifully always! You can see yourself in this snap that she is an expert. And the taste is so delicious!! Now the recipe follows!

Ingredients needed:

Idli rice- 1 cup

Fried black gram powder- 2 tbsp

Butter- 1 tbsp

Gingelly seeds- half sp

Cumin seeds- half sp
asafetida powder- half sp
Salt to taste


Soak the idli rice in enough water for 4 hours and grind with little water to a thick smooth paste.

Put the ground paste in a white cotton cloth and cover it with the corners.

Put a weight on it for some time.

The excess water will be drained in this way.

Roast the black gram in a dry pan.

When a nice aroma floats on air, take away the pan from the fire.

Let it cool and grind it to a fine powder.

The important thing is that the dal should not be fried to golden brown.
slightly roast the gingelly and cumin seeds and allow them to cool.

Mix the black gram powder, butter, cumin seeds, gingely seeds, asafoetida powder and salt with the ground rice paste and mix well to a smooth thick dough.

Make ‘kai murukku’ like this with your fingers! 

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