Saturday, December 25, 2010


When my son asked me to innovate something on crab other than making the usual Crab masala or crab kuzhambu, I have accepted the challenge. With the usual ingredients, I have also added a little quantity of white sauce along with the fresh bread crumbs to make it tastier. I got very tasty crab cutlets as a good result.

Tips: I have recently known that blue coloured crabs are tastier than the red and brown ones.

நண்டு கட்லட்


Cooked crab meat- 1 big cup
cooked potato [medium]-1
Butter- 2 tbsp
Plain flour- 1 tbsp
Milk-100 ml
Finely chopped onion-1
Chopped coriander- 2 tbsp
Curry leaves- 1 arc
Salt to taste
Fresh bread slices-2
Turmeric powder- half tsp
Enough oil to fry

Grind the following to a coarse paste

Ginger- 1 tsp, small garlic flakes-5, fennel seeds- half tsp, a small piece cinnamon, green chillies-3


Mash the hot cooked potato.
Heat a small sauce pan and put the butter in it.
Add the plain flour and fry it to a slightly golden brown colour.
Pour the milk and cook on slow fire to a thickened mass.
Allow it to cool.
Hat a pan and add 3 tbsp of oil.
Add the chopped onion.
Fry it for a few minutes until it turns to golden brown.
Add the coarse paste with the turmeric powder and fry it for a few seconds.
Add the crab meat along with the potato, salt and the greens.
Cook for a few seconds until they are combined well.
Put off the fire.
Place the mixture in a bowl.
Add the white sauce.
Grind the bread pieces for a split of second.
Add these bread crumbs to the mixture.
Mix well, make small balls, flatten them and deep fry the cutlets to golden brown.
The delicious crab cutlets are ready!