Friday, August 29, 2014


There is always the famous Adhirasam we all know that is prepared with rice flour and jaggery. For a change, we make here Sago adhirasam mainly with the ingredients Sago and Semolina. But taste wise, this adhirasam is in the same class as rice adhirasam! And also, we need only a few minutes to make this delicious adhirasam!! Here the recipe follows...
ஜவ்வரிசி அதிரசம்:


Nylon javvarisi [ Sago]- 100 gms
salt- a pinch
semolina [ fine]- 1 cup
shredded coconut- half cup
cardamom powder- half sp
sugar- 100 gm

Soak the sago in water for an hour.
Then drain the water completely and add the salt.
knead it smoothly.
Then add the semolina and knead it again.
Add the coconut, cardamom powder and powdered sugar.
knead well.
Now a soft dough will be formed like the adhirasam dough.
Heat a pan and pour enough oil to fry.
The fire should be medium.
Take a lime sized ball out of the dough and flatten it like adhirasam.
Toss in the oil and cook it until it is fried to golden brown colour on both sides.

The tasty sago adhirsam is ready!!





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