Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Wish you all a very Happy New Year !!!

As the new year is born, I think a delicious sweet is the most suitable one to post here today!. I am going to welcome the New Year with Ras malai! Ras Malai is a classical North Indian dessert and whole milk is the main ingredient here. Ras malai is being prepared with so many recipes. But I am sure that this is the tastiest recipe among all of them!!

ரஸ மலாய்

Ingredients needed:
Whole milk powder- 1 ¼ cup
Plain flour- 1 sp
Baking powder- 1 tsp
Oil- 1 tbsp
Big egg-1
Sugar- 1 cup
Saffron- a few
Cardamom powder- 6
Chopped pistachio- 2 tbsp.
For the milk:
Whole milk powder- 20 tsp
Little warm water- 4 cups


Sieve the milk powder with the plain flour and baking powder thrice.
Add the oil and the egg to make a smooth dough.
This comes with practice.
The dough must be shiny and soft.
Then make small balls.
Cover them with a clean cloth.
To prepare the milk, mix the whole milk powder with the warm water thoroughly.
It can be filtered to get clear milk without any crumbs.
Heat it on medium fire.
When the milk starts to simmer, start to drop the balls five at a time.
When the first batch starts to float on top after being cooked, the second batch can be added.
Thus all the balls must be finished.
Then grind the cardamoms with a spoonful of sugar and add this to the simmering Ras malai with the saffron threads.
Add the sugar.
Mix well.
When the Ras malai starts simmering again, put off the fire.
Pour the ras Malai in to a glass bowl and sprinkle the chopped pistachio
on top.
Chill it in a refrigerator and serve.    

NB: More sugar can be added according to the tastebuds.



  1. Yummy tasty easy rasamalai.Thanks for sharing.Happy New Year.

  2. Delicious desert. My fav.Happy New Year!

  3. A 'must' try recipe and super yummy!

  4. வணக்கம்...

    உங்களின் தளம் வலைச்சரத்தில் அறிமுகப்படுத்தி உள்ளது... வாழ்த்துக்கள்...

    மேலும் விவரங்களுக்கு இங்கே ( சென்று பார்க்கவும்... நன்றி...

  5. Thanks a lot for the nice feedback Asia!

  6. Thank you very much for the lovely compliment Viji!

  7. Thank you very much for the nice compliment treat and Trick!

  8. வாழ்த்துக்களுக்கு அன்பு நன்றி தனபாலன்!



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